Looking at building out a new office space or considering renovations of your current office? For commercial purposes and offices, one of the most important electrical considerations is to ensure that the electrical supply has the capacity to handle your electrical needs (data, phone, appliances, etc.).

Whether the commercial property owner, property management company, or you are doing your own fitups and construction you need to consider the pre-wiring of the commercial premise to ensure the full use and smooth operation of your office space. 

It is important to consider the pre-wiring of the space before you construct or move into your new space to ensure the electrical wiring can be done without additional construction and disruption to your space once you are settled. When electrical wiring is needed after the fact you may lose access to areas of your office, need to relocate employees temporarily, or lose access to electricity and lighting at times while the work is being performed. This results in lower productivity of your workspace, which can easily be avoided with proper electrical planning.  

Pre-wiring for office fit-ups

With office fit-ups, even if the property owner or landlord is taking care of building out your space, ensure that you are able to communicate the importance of your electrical needs to ensure you have the proper capacity in the proper spaces. 

Here are some considerations for pre-wiring purposes of your office space. 

  • Internet and phone
  • Data cabling, data centres
  • Electrical panels
  • Outlets in the right spots 
  • Appliance connections
  • Access cards
  • Lighting both inside and outside 
  • Security cameras 
  • EV charging stations
  • Custom signage
  • Broadcast systems (video and intercom) 
  • And more 

At Floodlight Electric we are well-versed in electrical pre-wiring services to help you with your office fit-up. Our experienced and licensed commercial electricians in Ottawa can help you get the job done right to avoid workplace disruptions. 

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