Outdoor Extension Cords: What You Need To Know

With all the snow we just received this week in Ottawa, Ontario, we thought it’d be the perfect time to inform residents on outdoor extension cords to keep your electrical working properly and safely during the snow covered months of winter in Canada. Choosing the right outdoor extension cord can help to prevent house fires when lighting up your exterior or running power to your vehicles. 

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Installing Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations at Home

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular everyday for transportation. There are significant environmental benefits and efficiencies when compared to traditional vehicles. There is one common inhibitor for many people however, which is the availability of a suitable power source to ensure there is sufficient power supply for your electric vehicle. 

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13 Safety Tips For Holiday Lighting

One of the most popular decorative pieces to any holiday is lighting however they are also the cause of a number of hazards across Canada including property damage and fires. Whether you’ve got your house covered inside and out or just some lighting around a Christmas tree we have put together some tips for you to keep yourself and family safe this holiday season at your home. 

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100 amp VS. 200 amp Electrical Service

Technology advancements and the surge of spending more time at home due to the pandemic has forced a lot of Ottawa families to think about upgrading their electrical panels. Your electrical panel distributes power, measured in amps (amperage) with a number of circuits running to it. If you currently have an electric panel with 100 amp service and are considering switching to 200 amp service it would double your electrical power capability in your house. 

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Are Your Electrical Outlets Safe?

If you are experiencing any issues with your electrical outlets, there is significant risk to your safety. If you have experienced any sparks, pop sounds or buzzing from your electrical outlets you should consult a licensed electrician right away

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Thinking About DIY Electrical for Your Home Renovation? Think Again…

Think twice before you consider DIY electrical for your home renovation. With the rising costs of home renovations due to materials, resources, and labour some homeowners have been trying their hand at DIY electrical for their renovations to save on costs. There are thousands of YouTube videos and other sites that provide step by step instructions on a number of electrical components necessary when upgrading your home, providing confidence that a DIY solution is possible.

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Electrical Troubleshooting 101

Electrical safety is of the utmost importance. When it comes to the electrical in your Ottawa home, if you are experiencing higher than usual bills, flickering lights, damaged appliances, frequently blown fuses can be signals that there could be issues with your electrical circuit. 

Circuits that were installed in earlier years were not designed with today’s technologies in mind, whether it be lighting, appliances, and other electronics. 

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5 Signs Your Office Needs Electrical Work

Any office environment depends on a steady, stable electrical current that is safely regulated and efficiently managed. In that regard, how’s yours holding up, and do you need to get it tweaked before converting that spare room or open-concept commercial space into a dedicated office? After all, you’ll surely be keeping electronics such as your router, modem, computer hardware, and much more connected here – a lot of equipment can cause a lot of strain, especially if multiple users are occupying the space.

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What Kind of Electrical Box Do I Need for a Ceiling Fan

What Kind of Electrical Box Do I Need for a Ceiling Fan?

Perhaps it’s too hot in the living room and you need to get a ceiling fan installed. Or, by some stroke of luck, maybe you managed to nab the master bedroom space for your new home office, but it only has a regular ceiling light. Regardless, the electrical box you have installed is of critical importance. We at Floodlight Electric understand why, having professionally installed many ceiling fans for Ottawa-area clients. 

Today, let’s share our insights and help you make an informed decision for your ceiling fan needs. Let’s explore what kind of electrical box is needed, along with why.

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