Understanding Electrical Wiring: Types, Sizes, and Installation

When it comes to electrical repairs and home or commercial remodelling, having a grasp of electrical wiring is essential. Knowing how to identify wiring, select the right materials, and execute proper installations is the foundation for any successful electrical project. Whether you’re tackling a repair or embarking on a new installation or remodelling endeavour, familiarizing yourself with the basics of wiring is your starting point.

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Troubleshooting & Repair Tips for 5 of the Most Common Electrical Problems in Ottawa 

Electrical problems can be frustrating and sometimes even dangerous. As a homeowner, it’s important to know how to troubleshoot and repair common electrical issues. In this blog, we will cover some of the most common electrical problems that homeowners in Canada may face and provide tips on how to fix them. From circuit breaker tripping to flickering lights, we will help you understand the cause and provide a solution to fix the problem. However, it’s important to note that electrical work can be dangerous and should always be handled by a professional electrician. Remember safety first, if you are unsure about anything, please call a professional electrician.

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5 Signs Your Office Needs Electrical Work

Any office environment depends on a steady, stable electrical current that is safely regulated and efficiently managed. In that regard, how’s yours holding up, and do you need to get it tweaked before converting that spare room or open-concept commercial space into a dedicated office? After all, you’ll surely be keeping electronics such as your router, modem, computer hardware, and much more connected here – a lot of equipment can cause a lot of strain, especially if multiple users are occupying the space.

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What Kind of Electrical Box Do I Need for a Ceiling Fan

What Kind of Electrical Box Do I Need for a Ceiling Fan?

Perhaps it’s too hot in the living room and you need to get a ceiling fan installed. Or, by some stroke of luck, maybe you managed to nab the master bedroom space for your new home office, but it only has a regular ceiling light. Regardless, the electrical box you have installed is of critical importance. We at Floodlight Electric understand why, having professionally installed many ceiling fans for Ottawa-area clients. 

Today, let’s share our insights and help you make an informed decision for your ceiling fan needs. Let’s explore what kind of electrical box is needed, along with why.

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Pre-wiring Electrical for Your Office Space

Looking at building out a new office space or considering renovations of your current office? For commercial purposes and offices, one of the most important electrical considerations is to ensure that the electrical supply has the capacity to handle your electrical needs (data, phone, appliances, etc.).

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back up generator

Thinking of Installing a Backup Generator

Backup generators are a great solution to prevent power outages. Especially for commercial operations, power outages can result in massive economic losses. For patients in a hospital, lives are at risk whenever there is a loss of power. Residential property owners also need to be prepared for an event that may lead to long-term loss of electricity to ensure the proper working order of their properties. Whenever there is an event that results in a disruption to the electricity supply, backup generators and power systems can ensure the power supply isn’t interrupted. 

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6 Tips to Decrease Your Business’s Energy Costs

COVID-19, although a challenging time for most, has brought forth an opportunity for a number of businesses to look at finding efficiencies and cost savings within their operations. One of these efficiencies is an effort to reduce energy costs and find ways to create savings. 

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