It is estimated that electric vehicle sales will surpass those of conventional vehicles by 2038. It may seem like a while away right now, but electric vehicle sales are growing each year.

It is to that tune that commercial property owners and managers, whether it’s an investment residential property (house, apartment, condominiums etc.) or commercial property (office, warehouse, industrial), need to invest in installing electric vehicle charging stations on their premises in order to meet the growing demand. 

We’ve outlined 4 benefits to installing electric vehicle charging stations.

Tenant attraction: If you do not have an electric vehicle charging station on site, you are not a viable option for tenants with electric vehicles whether at a residential or commercial property. On the flip side, if you have electric vehicle chargers installed on your premise, it will give you an advantage over others who do not have them. You also have the option of providing the chargers free of any charges creating a value add and competitive advantage. 

Corporate sustainability efforts: Electric vehicle chargers provide another medium to showcase your industry leadership in sustainability and protecting the environment. Sustainability is an important issue for a lot of businesses and people, whether its LEED buildings, LED lighting, energy efficient appliances and more. Supporting the community by providing a healthier and cleaner space can also help with marketing and public relation strategies. 

Additional income: You can offer the charging stations free of charge to help with tenant attraction as previously mentioned or you can charge a fee for usage. There are a number of different flexible options that allow you to choose how you charge for usage. This could be another revenue stream to create as opposed to raising rent to tenants. 

Marketing efforts: Supporting the community by providing a healthier and cleaner space can also help with marketing and public relation strategies. In addition photos and visuals that include electric charging stations will help to position you as a modern, tech adoptive company. This will boost your reputation in the marketplace.  

Our team at Floodlight Electric is knowledgeable on the variety of options available to businesses, property owners and managers for choosing which chargers to go with. In addition, we can ensure that you have the load capacity and the number of chargers installed stays well below the maximum so that you can maintain scalability and efficiencies. Send us a message or give us a call to learn more.