In order to support daily activity at home, it is a necessity to have proper electrical function and access. You can wire a lot of the items you need on the same circuit but there are certain appliances that should be placed on a singular and dedicated circuit.

What do we mean by dedicated circuits?

It is a circuit that is completely dedicated to power a single appliance or electrical application. It has one purpose, and one purpose only. In your breaker box, it will have its own breaker and is completely siloed from any of the other circuits or outlets in your home. It acts as both a functional and safety measure. 

When would you use a dedicated circuit? 

Any appliance that uses large amounts of power on a consistent basis, or appliances with motors that have manufacturer’s recommendations for a dedicated circuit, or per electrical code would require a dedicated circuit to ensure it can maximize its performance and prevent circuit overloads. 

What appliances and items should have their own dedicated circuit in your home? 

Here are some of the appliances that you should have on a dedicated circuit: fridges, freezers, HVAC systems, ovens, stoves, hot water heaters, hot tubs, saunas, steam showers, electric heat, electric vehicle chargers, microwaves, any specialty equipment.

It is extremely important to ensure each of these items has a dedicated circuit. If you do not use dedicated circuits when needed you are risking the security of your home: potential fires, appliance damage, electrical shocks, flickering lights and breaker trips. 

In addition to some of the larger appliances it is recommended to have smaller items in the home on dedicated circuits as well including: space heaters, hair dryers, toasters, etc. It is recommended to install general use dedicated circuits in some of the rooms in your home. The bathroom is a great start in order to safely use hair dryers as well as one in the kitchen for smaller appliances, and one in the living room to ensure that seasonal appliances like space heaters or Christmas trees and decor are covered. 

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