Think twice before you consider DIY electrical for your home renovation. With the rising costs of home renovations due to materials, resources, and labour some homeowners have been trying their hand at DIY electrical for their renovations to save on costs. There are thousands of YouTube videos and other sites that provide step by step instructions on a number of electrical components necessary when upgrading your home, providing confidence that a DIY solution is possible.

The issue is that electrical is very technical and dangerous if not installed properly. It is one of the last places you should look to cut costs as the consequences of improper installation can lead to serious injury or even death. Unfortunately in most situations where the electrical is installed via DIY solutions the costs are usually much higher than hiring a licensed electrician in the first place in order to fix the issues that have been created by the homeowner. 

Your electricity for your home renovation should be taken seriously to protect your home and family. It requires expertise and experience.


If you are installing wiring incorrectly or connecting electrical components to the wrong amp panel it may not be able to or isn’t designed to carry a higher amount of current can lead to short circuits, damaged devices and appliances, or even fires. Do not put your own or your families safety at risk.

Costs to Repair Incorrect Installation

We’ve seen homeowners do their own electrical work and then finish their renovations only to discover there are a number of issues with the electrical. The costs are much higher to try to fix these issues afterwards than to do the electrical work at the beginning of the renovation process. Kitchen tiling may have to be removed, inside of freshly drywalled and painted walls may need to be worked on, bathroom ceilings cut open and much more. Avoid these issues entirely by ensuring it is installed correctly in the first place.

Avoid Confusion & Get Peace of Mind That Your Electrical is in Order

Sometimes during renovations walls are being removed that have electrical wiring in them. You will need to install those connections in another place and it could be a number of circuits needing installation. It can happen where homeowners lose track of which wire powers what room or outlets leading to disorganized installations. This can lead to issues of both improper installation and improper removal which can lead to safety issues. 

In Ontario there are laws, codes and regulations with regards to electrical work. Having a complete and thorough understanding of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code is necessary to ensure the proper installation of your electrical components in your home. Licensed electricians can ensure your electrical work is safe, accurate and to code. 

Our licensed electricians at Floodlight Electric have all of the necessary equipment and the knowledge to understand what type of wires, panel, service and more need to be installed and where they should be installed during home renovations. 

Reach out to the Floodlight Electric team today and learn how we can help you with your renovation.