before and after light installation

Project VI Lighting

We recently completed a project for one of our residential clients. Vanessa Papadas, the owner and lead designer at VI Design reached out for some help installing light fixtures for one of her projects. We replaced and installed a number of lighting fixtures, check out a couple of them below.

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3 Electrical Upgrades

3 Considerations for Electrical Upgrades in Your Home

A lot of homeowners have been busy with renovations and making upgrades in their homes. With more people spending more time in their spaces, they want to make sure they continue to be comfortable and inspired by their home environment. Before finalizing your renovation or upgrade plans however, you need to consider any electrical upgrades that you will need to make beforehand. 

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Electrical Considerations for Hot Tub Installation

Since COVID-19, we have seen an increase in hot tub installations as people are spending more time at home. Creating a space of relaxation and a way to separate remote work from home life has become a necessity. In order to stay safe and enjoy peace of mind, the electrical connections and power supply to your hot tub needs to be properly installed. 

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back up generator

Thinking of Installing a Backup Generator

Backup generators are a great solution to prevent power outages. Especially for commercial operations, power outages can result in massive economic losses. For patients in a hospital, lives are at risk whenever there is a loss of power. Residential property owners also need to be prepared for an event that may lead to long-term loss of electricity to ensure the proper working order of their properties. Whenever there is an event that results in a disruption to the electricity supply, backup generators and power systems can ensure the power supply isn’t interrupted. 

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Electrical Inspections: What, When, Why

Electricity is one of the most used utilities in your home. Think about it, without electricity you wouldn’t be able to binge watch your favourite Netflix shows, wake up to your much needed Nespresso coffee in the morning or even read this blog that we’ve written. Electrical systems in our homes need to be in perfect working condition and maintained properly, thus periodically we need to have electrical inspections. 

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Electrical Emergencies: 10 Scenarios To Call Your Electrician Right Away

One of the most expensive and important investments you can make is your home. One of the most used systems or things in your home is your electrical system. Not only do you rely on your electricity but so do many items in your home including your appliances, heating and cooling, and more. In order to keep your family and your assets safe, ensuring your electrical systems are working properly and in a safe manner is of the utmost importance. 

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