If you are experiencing any issues with your electrical outlets, there is significant risk to your safety. If you have experienced any sparks, pop sounds or buzzing from your electrical outlets you should consult a licensed electrician right away

There are thousands of house fires every year from faulty electrical outlets. Homes that are 20+ years old, the outlets and electrical may not have been built for today’s load capacity from today’s technology advances. Other risks to faulty electrical outlets are electric shock and electrocution. 

Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Outlets

Updating your older outlets to GFCI will help protect you and your family as they have been created to protect against electrical shocks by monitoring the electricity levels through the circuit. If a plugged-in appliance has water on it for some reason for example the GFCI outlet will cut the power for safety purposes when it detects it.

Is Your Electrical Outlet Sparking?

The first thing to do is call your licensed electrician for emergency services and shut off the power to the outlet on your circuit breaker. Unplug the appliance, device or chord from the outlet.

Why Would Your Electrical Outlet Spark?

  1. Overloaded – When you plug in more electricity than the circuit can bear. Be careful with your coffee machines, they require more electricity than you would think. 
  2. Older Outlets – If your home is filled with 2 prong electrical outlets, than it is time to upgrade your outlets to either GFCI or 3 prong.
  3. Water – There is a large risk for sparking outlets and danger if the plugs have water on them or are wet. Make sure your hair dryers haven’t accidentally dipped into the sink or that you got water on your toaster as a result from washing dishes. 
  4. Short Circuits – This results from failed connections. If this happens frequently consult your licensed electrician
  5. DIY Electrical – If your outlets are not installed or wired properly you can risk sparking. 

Are you experiencing any of these electrical outlet dangers? 

Noise – If there is noise whether it be humming, popping or crackling coming from your outlets there is a high risk of an electrical fire. Turn off your power and call your licensed electrician. You have some issues in your electrical and it is best not to troubleshoot yourself to avoid injury or even death. 

Burnt or Hot Electrical Outlets – If you have too many appliances or devices plugged into a single outlet, even an extension cord can overload your electrical and become dangerously hot or even burnt.

When in doubt if you notice any electrical issues in your Ottawa home call a licensed electrician to inspect and repair it to keep you and your family safe. Reach out to the Floodlight Electric team today and learn how we can help keep you, your family and assets safe.