If your bathroom hasn’t been renovated in the past decade, it might be time to finally invest in some upgrades. Although certain bathroom renovations can be a big undertaking, depending on what’s needed, they’re always a worthwhile project that will give homeowners a favourable ROI. It’s also a fun project to take on since you get to pick out all of the new, luxurious additions that will give you the perfect little at-home spa whenever you need to unwind. Before you dive in, here are some tips for bathroom renovations to keep in mind.

Have a Clear Budget

Making an investment in your home and personal comfort is always worth it. However, you want to make sure that you don’t get caught off guard and end up digging yourself into debt. It can be easy to get carried away, and any home reno project will end up costing as much as you let it. To avoid this, begin by outlining a clear and solid budget. Once you have made a realistic amount of what you can afford to spend, it will be much easier to move through the process without spending above your means.

Think About the Layout

There are a few different bathroom styles to consider. If you’re starting out with a fresh new slate, think about whether you want a standard bathroom with a full bath, a half bath, or a wet bathroom. In most cases, you will be limited based on the space that you have available, but you can at least consider all of your options and then consult with your designer or contractor to see what is possible and what is not.

Focus On Proper Ventilation 

An important area to focus on during a bathroom renovation is having proper ventilation. Without it, the constant moisture and heat from the shower can lead to bad odours and toxic mold and mildew. This can not only create an uncomfortable and unpleasant environment, but it can also be unsafe for you and your family. Make sure you consult with an electrician to determine your ventilation needs and have a proper bathroom fan installed. You may also benefit from a timer for your bathroom fan, as fans should be on for 20 minutes following a shower to wick away moist air.

Choose Durable Materials

The bathroom is the most used room in the home. With so much frequent use, it’s wise to choose durable materials that can hold up to the constant wear and tear. You also want materials that can withstand dampness and are easy to clean. So when you’re shopping around, it’s best to focus on higher quality, non-porous items, such as porcelain, that will cost a little extra upfront but will last much longer than cheaper alternatives.

Decide On the Right Luxury Additions

As mentioned, it can be easy to get carried away with the added luxurious touches in a bathroom renovation. To avoid blowing through your budget, focus on the areas that you truly want to splurge on, such as the showerhead, bathtub or vanity. This way you can create a luxury design that you’ll love without spiralling into debt. Many homeowners have been choosing to install pot lights in their showers. It has also been increasingly popular to put the shower lights and vanity lights on separate switches to control the “zones” of the bathroom.

Only Hire a Licensed Contractor

Bathroom renovations require experienced experts who know what they’re doing. To ensure your home is protected and the renovation is done accurately and safely, only hire qualified contractors who are licensed, insured and covered by WSIB. Licensed electricians and plumbers are specialized in what they do and will get the job done right the first time. 

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