With the steady increase of home prices in Ottawa, Ontario many residents have been upgrading their current homes instead of buying new properties. One of the most popular renovations we’ve seen in 2020 are basement renovations. With that in mind, we’ve put together 3 electrical tips to consider when renovating your basement. 

Heating your basement 

We’re almost in the winter season, and typically that means cold basements! Considering your heating options for your newly renovated basement is of the utmost importance as you don’t want to create a beautiful new space and not be able to enjoy it because of a lack of heat. 

There are a number of options when it comes to heating your basement but we suggest properly investing in a heat source that is controlled by a thermostat and can be set on timers if you plan on using the basement frequently. High-efficiency baseboard heaters could be a great option to consider that can be hardwired into your electrical system. These heaters can provide spot heating where you need heat the most. You can have baseboard heaters in each room or location to make sure you’re able to ensure the entire basement can be heated properly. 

Powering your basement

Depending on what you are renovating your basement for, you’ll need power sources to operate appliances, electronics, fitness equipment and more. If you don’t have drywall yet, then you will benefit from adding a number outlets and circuits to your basement at a lower cost. Plan your electrical needs in advance so that you can build it into the plan and have it set up before you put up drywall and finish the ceiling. By installing dedicated power outlets you’ll be able to ensure proper power supply for what you need to operate. 

If you are converting your basement into an apartment it is essential that you ensure dedicated circuits are installed to make sure that tenants both upstairs or in the basement have continued electrical supply. 

Lighting for your basement

Basements are typically darker than other areas of the home. With smaller windows and minimal natural light, lighting is a crucial part of your basement renovations. You may even have rooms in your basement plans that don’t have windows, so you must consider proper lighting ahead of finishing your basement. LED pot lights may provide a great solution that can brighten up your basement spaces and are cost effective if installed prior to finishing the drywall. 

“By using pot lights as a lighting base, preferably installed with dimmers, you can transform your basement into the space you need whether it is a home theatre, gym or bar area. You can add floor and table lighting options to provide decor as well as ambient lighting for your basement spaces. In addition to lighting solutions, painting your basement walls with a bright white can help to brighten up your space and make it feel bigger.”
– Courtney Turk, CEO of Courtney Turk Interiors

Finished basements can add value to your home but it is essential to plan for your electrical needs before beginning your renovations to ensure a cost-effective renovation. Get in touch with Floodlight Electric to help plan and install your electrical systems for your basements in Ottawa, Ontario.