One of the most popular decorative pieces to any holiday is lighting however they are also the cause of a number of hazards across Canada including property damage and fires. Whether you’ve got your house covered inside and out or just some lighting around a Christmas tree we have put together some tips for you to keep yourself and family safe this holiday season at your home. 

  1. Check to ensure that the lights you install are not damaged already before using them.
  2. Check to make sure the lights you use outside are labeled for outdoor use. 
  3. Make sure lights have a Canadian certification. Some lights, especially when buying online, aren’t certified in Canada.
  4. Don’t install your exterior lights close to powerlines. 
  5. Use LED lighting as they use much less energy and function cooler when compared to incandescent lights.
  6. Don’t use staples to mount cords, and make sure that the cords aren’t being pinched around window or door frames, it can result in damaged wires. 
  7. Don’t overload your outlets and use GFCI outlets for exterior lighting. Portable GFCI units are available for purchase if needed.
  8. When using extension cords ensure that they have the capacity for the electrical load connected. 
  9. Keep exterior connections dry and off of the ground. Use water proof covers for your cords.
  10. Remember to unplug your devices and decorations before replacing light bulbs. 
  11. Put your lighting on a timer, or ensure you turn off your holiday lights if you’re away or going to sleep for the night.
  12. If you have a real tree, watch that your connections and lighting are not getting water on them when you water your tree. 
  13. Keep a fire extinguisher close and make sure everyone in the home knows where it is.

Remember these safety tips throughout the year not only during the holidays to ensure that all of your decorative lighting can be installed and functioning properly. If you have any questions or concerns for your holiday or decorative lighting in Ottawa, Ontario reach out to us at Floodlight Electric today.