Perhaps it’s too hot in the living room and you need to get a ceiling fan installed. Or, by some stroke of luck, maybe you managed to nab the master bedroom space for your new home office, but it only has a regular ceiling light. Regardless, the electrical box you have installed is of critical importance. We at Floodlight Electric understand why, having professionally installed many ceiling fans for Ottawa-area clients. 

Today, let’s share our insights and help you make an informed decision for your ceiling fan needs. Let’s explore what kind of electrical box is needed, along with why.

Dedicated Ceiling Fan Boxes 

Our recommendation for anyone considering a new ceiling fan is to stick with an electrical box designed specifically for this function. There are many different sizes of purpose-built ceiling fan boxes out there, available even at your local hardware store. In addition to the standard round form factor, you may also find them in an octagon shape. Regardless of which one you choose, always ensure that it is UL-listed. It should also clearly state on the box that it is for use with ceiling fans. These typically can support heavier fixtures as, by design, fans generally weigh more. The box should incorporate a mounting and fastening system optimized so it can handle spinning fan blades. 

Risks of Using the Wrong Box for the Job

Not only is it important to use a box designed to safely accommodate the number of connections your ceiling fan has, but it should also be designed to operate safely and remain in place even when the fan is on its highest rotation speed setting, and regardless of direction. Essentially, it needs to be rated and certified for the use of a heavy, spinning object suspended from the ceiling, which likely also includes built-in lighting capabilities. Not using an appropriate electrical box can result in wiring and safety complications, damage to the fan itself, or even the inherent risk of it crashing down from the ceiling. 

Calling in Certified Electricians to Ensure a Safe, Stress-Free Installation

Whether repurposing the spot where a ceiling light fixture is or having a ceiling fan and all-new wiring installed where nothing was hanging before, it’s better to not take risks. This is especially crucial if you are inexperienced with electrical work or anything of this nature, protecting yourself in addition to your home and those around you. A licensed electrician works diligently to ensure a safe, secure, risk-free installation, using all the appropriate tools, connections, and techniques to get the job done correctly the first time around. If you’re installing in an all-new spot, it can be more of a challenge even for our highly experienced team, but this is far from our first rodeo. You can count on us every time.

If you’d like to learn more about specific electrical boxes or wish to get a quote for a ceiling fan installation, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us today to get started.