Technology advancements and the surge of spending more time at home due to the pandemic has forced a lot of Ottawa families to think about upgrading their electrical panels. Your electrical panel distributes power, measured in amps (amperage) with a number of circuits running to it. If you currently have an electric panel with 100 amp service and are considering switching to 200 amp service it would double your electrical power capability in your house. 

Many breaker panels have 100 amp service which is recommended as the minimum, as well as most requirements for insurance companies for a 24 circuit distribution panel.

How do you know if you need 100 amp or 200 amp electrical service?

Updating your older outlets to GFCI will help protect you and your family as they have been created to protect

A few frequent signs that may give you a good idea that you need to upgrade your service are if you keep blowing fuses, frequent light flickering and buzzing sounds from your electrical outlets.

If one of these issues rings true for your current situation at home, call an electrician to take a look as soon as possible, there could be a safety risk to you and your family and even a risk of fire. The electrician can figure out if he can repair the issue or if you need to upgrade your electrical panel to 200 amp service. 

With today’s generation consuming electricity at a much higher rate than previous generations most households are running very close to maximum capacity on a 100 amp service panel, which could pose a safety hazard. As devices and appliances continue to evolve there will be a need for additional power and an upgrade if not needed now, will be needed in the near future to not worry about a system overload. 

The new standard for newly built homes or renovated homes with new wiring is 200 amp service. It will allow for additional circuits that might be needed if installing a hot tub, swim spa or even electric vehicle charger. Your electrician will take into consideration the square footage of your home, HVAC needs, and more to determine if a 200 amp service is required or 100 amps. 

How much is the cost to upgrade from 100 amp to 200 amp service? 

Modern 200 amp electrical panels are much easier to repair, reset and have a much higher efficiency for your electrical usage. In addition they are compatible with GFCI circuits. 

The cost is dependent on a number of factors including the existing wiring and what upgrades need to be made. Some things that may increase the price of your upgrade would be whether your existing setup has the right grounding conductor or if the panel needs to be relocated. Your Ottawa electrician will be able to determine the full scope of what is needed and provide you with an estimate. 

Upgrading your electrical panel is also an investment into your home as it will increase the property value and many home buyers will want to ensure the electrical is upgraded when considering making a purchase opening you up to more potential buyers. 

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